How To Increase Breast Milk Production Now

increase breast milk production

How can you increase breast milk production if it’s dropped?

First, look at the possible causes — not enough feedings, too much stress, or a growth spurt leading your baby to demand more. Then, follow the convenient tips below to help increase the amount of milk your body is producing.

Don’t diet

Never try and diet when you breastfeed. Instead, focus on eating healthy foods.

The reason is that your milk supply will drop unless you eat enough calories. A good rule of thumb is that breastfeeding moms should be consuming 1800 to 2200 calories more each day to keep up their milk supply.

You don’t have to worry about gaining weight, as breastfeeding will burn off lots of calories. You’ll be back to your pre-pregnancy body fairly quickly.

Just one thing: don’t go and load up on empty calories, like fast food. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich food.


Feed more frequently

Breastfeeding or pumping more often can help increase breast milk production.

The reason is your supply depends on demand: to have more milk, do more feedings each day. This signals your body that your baby has started feeding more frequently and needs to drink more milk.

It can also be helpful to pump 5-10 minutes longer after your baby feeds, or add in an extra feeding in the morning as you will have the highest milk supply at that point in the day. If you’re nursing your child, then try pumping your other breast at the same time.

You can also offer your baby the other breast after your baby detaches itself from your breast during feeding. Try to avoid ‘favorite’ breasts in general, as this will make for more equal milk supply.


Get plenty of rest

With all the things on your mind — taking care of your baby, cleaning the house, doing chores — it’s hard to get time for yourself.

The resulting increase in stress can trigger a decrease in your milk supply. Those chores can wait if your baby is napping.

Instead, try getting a nap in for yourself. Also, let your baby sleep in the same bed as you do, so you don’t have to crawl out of it to feed your child.


Stay away from stress

Just as you should make sure you get rest, try and avoid stress where you can. Milk doesn’t flow if you’re stressed and wound up. Relaxation techniques and massages can help, as can listening to relaxing music, pumping your breast, and massaging it.


Avoid formula

Formula can seem like a life-saving invention for weary moms, but you should try and avoid it as much as you can.

It can significantly impact your milk supply to miss just a single feeding. Once your baby begins missing breastfeedings, you’ll notice a lower milk supply too.


Try herbs or supplements to increase breast milk production

Some herbs are said to increase your breast milk production. For example, fenugreek is often used to increase a mom’s milk output, and you can get fenugreek capsules in some stores.

Other options for herbs to increase the amount of milk production from your breasts include malunggay or moringga as well as ‘Mother’s Milk Tea, or a supplement like ‘Boost’ which we have reviewed & you can find the Boost Breast Milk Enhancer Review HERE.

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