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Boost Milk Enhancer Reviews – What We Have Discovered

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**Updated May 2020**

A new ‘dietary’ or breast milk supplement has just been released onto the market.

We wanted to investigate the latest supplements to increase breast milk, to see what it was all about & what it actually did/promised.

Official Website:  Boost Milk Enhancer


Why Is Breast Milk So Important?

Okay – so this really is a stupid question but probably worth going over just as a reminder.

According to the UK NHS, the USA’s, CDC & HHS these are the reasons why breast milk & breastfeeding is so important to you & your baby:

  • It is a natural food designed for your baby.
  • It can protect your baby from infections & diseases.
  • It provides health benefits for mum.
  • It’s free!
  • Whenever a baby needs a feed, it is available.
  • It is the right temperature.
  • It can build a strong physical and emotional bond between mother and baby.
  • It can give you an enormous sense of achievement.

No big surprise there really – so if you aren’t producing enough you can see why some mothers get worried & want to do something about it  – one of the most common solutions is to take a breast milk supplement (such as Boost milk enhancer) to help boost breast milk production.

What Is Boost Milk Enhancer?

This is a brand new breast milk supplement that has been designed to boost breast milk supply for new mothers.

According to the claims of Boost Milk Enhancer –

 It Can Increase Breast Milk Production By Up To 86% !!! 

These are reported as ‘clinically proven’.

The makers of this supplement report that results can show within as little as 24 – 72 hours.

What Do The Boost Milk Enhancer Reviews Say?

boost breast milk enhancer

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They seem very positive.

The Official Website – Boost Breast Milk Testimonials are funnily enough all 5 Stars…..which is not exactly a massive surprise. In fairness, they all seem pretty genuine & all are from ‘Verified Purchases’.

What Is The Cost Of Boost Milk Enhancer?

Price/Cost is usually a ‘crunch’ question for most people in buying most things – BUT, the one area of life that most people are less sensitive about money is when it comes down to their children! & none more so than a newborn child!

Anyway, as I am not currently pregnant or breastfeeding! I got a friend of mine to purchase this breast milk supplement & take note of the prices (& she has promised to keep me updated with her progress using the Boost milk enhancer supplement).

These are the costs:

1 Months Supply – $47.95 (+$7 Shipping)

3 Months Supply – (2+1 Free) – $99.90 (Free Shipping)

5 Months Supply – (3+2 Free) – $149.85 (Free Shipping)

The prices for this breast milk supplement are confirmed & available via the link at the end of the review.

What Can Boost Milk Enhancer Do For You?

The breast milk supplement – Boost Milk Enhancer claims some amazing results. In fairness, even if you got 50% of what it says is capable of that would be impressive!!

– Increase in ‘Dairy’ Production by 86% – now that is impressive!

– Results in as little as 1 to 3 days!

– Clinically Proven Results

– Safe & Effective…….this always makes me laugh….if it wasn’t either of these things you would like to think they wouldn’t sell it !!

– It is supplied in an ‘easy swallow’ capsule – so no bitter taste, like other alternatives on the market

What Is In Boost Milk Enhancer?

I would consider a very important question given the circumstances that you are taking this breast milk supplement.

boost breat milk enhancer ingredients

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A screenshot of the label is here – just click on it to enlarge it.

In a nutshell, the supplement contains Silibinin – it is, in fact, the active ingredient of Silymarin which is extracted from Milk Thistle.

Are you any the wiser? – Neither am I !!

There is a whole section on the website about the ingredients if you want to know more:

Boost Milk Enhancer – Ingredients + How It Works


Given what I have researched, would I buy it myself? – Yesboost milk enhancer supplement

All I know is that if you are in the unfortunate position currently not to be able to produce enough breast milk for your new baby; that this is likely to cause you some anxiety & concern (I see how my friend reacts), this is why some people will seek out supplements to increase breast milk.

Given the fact of all the ‘Clinically Proven‘ claims for this supplement (Up to 86% Increase in lactation) and that it is ‘Safe & Effective‘, I personally would be trying it, no question.

There is no financial risk as there is a money-back guarantee according to the site (pls read the small print).

What have you got to lose?

Click HERE for – Official Boost Milk Enhancer Website

I will be updating this review and this breast milk supplement with the findings of my friend who has just ordered it. In the meantime, if this issue affects you I would just take a look at the website & make up your own mind.


More Information:

You can never have enough information when it comes to newborn babies, motherhood, breast milk & breastfeeding…

So I have picked a few YouTube videos that are linked in with breast milk production and breastfeeding; hopefully, you may find them of interest.

Breast Feeding & Position –
Breast Feeding Tips –

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Any Voucher Codes For Boost Milk Enhancer? Or Money-Off Coupons?

Boost Money Off

Most shopping experiences, especially online, now comprise of finding what we want…

..then we look at how cheap we can get it via an offer code or voucher (or is it just me? Nope!)

– we have become a Money Off/Coupon Society!


So given that I purchased Boost Milk Enhancer; for my peace of mind & for you reading this – I wanted to see if there were any genuine Boost Milk Enhancer Coupon codes or Boost Milk Bonus codes available?

Whenever I purchase anything over $45 or more – I will often have a Google search for some sort of money off code or bonus code – what this tends to uncover is a page full of Voucher sites that ‘tease’ you with a discount, something like 20% off or Boost Milk Free Shipping or a free trial, etc….BUT

…..& there is always a BUT – you have to sign up to their subscriber list to get the code!! – & 98% of the time, the code then rarely exists, works or it is just out of date and you still get bombarded by the voucher company as well as them selling on your email address to others!

Well, all this got me thinking about Milk Enhancer Coupon codes or Boost Milk Enhancer Bonus offers or indeed Boost Milk Enhancer Vouchers !!

I was 95% sure I already knew the answer to my question (as I remember looked before I initially bought it myself) but I did some more research & looked at all the various websites/YouTube video’s that claim to be offering a Boost Milk Enhancer Bonus – or Boost Milk Enhancer Money Off code – & guess what !?



I was quite glad if I am honest. There is nothing worse than buying something & then find out soon after that there is a money off code floating around on the internet!!

The Co. that makes Boost Milk Enhancer work on the principle that the:

Boost Milk Enhancer – The More You Buy –
– The More You Save –
– That is it!!! –


So anywhere you see anything saying that there are various discounts available are lying to your face!

This sort of thing bug’s me & is why I have added this page to my website review.

My main review page you can see all the prices & the discounts available & here they are again:

1 Month Supply – $50

3 Month’s Supply (2 + 1 Free) – $99 34% Saving

5 Month’s Supply (3 + 2 Free) – $150 50% Saving

So as you can see – yes discounts for Boost Milk Enhancer are available – BUT they are available from the company as a reward for buying more!! – nothing else – nothing to do with anyone having a secret stash or a money off code !!!

The question of a Boost Milk Free Trial also comes up – technically there is – but only because they have a ‘money-back guarantee’ – but you still have to buy the product in the 1st place! Yes, you are trying the product ‘risk-free’ – but not before you have parted money, again, this is the norm for most products like this.

In fairness the discounts I feel are pretty good, my guess, if you are like me, that most people will go for the 3 months supply (1 month just doesn’t seem enough) it takes time to work & if you think it is working you don’t want to have to order & wait about for it!! (not that it takes very long to ship).


So, as suspected:boost milk enhancer supplement

There is no such thing as a Boost Milk Enhancer money off code/voucher/promo/bonus

There is no such thing as a Boost Milk Enhancer Coupon Code
There is no such thing as Promo Code for Boost Milk Enhancer
There is no such thing as a Boost Milk Enhancer Voucher Code
There is no such thing as a Boost Milk Enhancer Bonus Code
There is no such thing as Boost Milk Enhancer Offer Codes

There is, however, a way to get a Boost Milk Enhancer Discount & that is by going directly to their website & buying more!

Simple & I feel fair.

Click Here To Buy More & Save – Boost Milk Enhancer Official Website



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